Gleamous create the perfect shower technology with your heart.

Let you enjoy the perfect life.

Create a different Gleamous.

Zhongshan Gleamous Electric Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongshan Guangsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in the promotion of Gleamous brand and its rapid electric water heater R&D, production and sales.

In 1987, Gleamous began a small home appliance research and development, production journey, the business involves electric heaters, soya-bean milk machine, electric kettle, electric water heaters and so on. After years of technology and foundation precipitation, Gleamous has created 30 million technical crystallizations, becoming the common choice of one-tenth of Chinese families, and, for more than 20 years, there has been no safety incident.

At present, Gleamous has become a research and production demonstration unit integrating research, development, production, sales and after-sales service of speed-type electric water heaters. Fully passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification, and obtained 3C, CE, GS, UL, EMC, CB and other European Community multi-national quality authority certification.

Gleamous's main product, the fast-heating, thermoelectric water heater products have been widely deployed in professional appliance stores in the country, such as Gome, Suning, and Wuxing Electric, as well as large-scale integrated shopping malls in various regions. They are also exported to Singapore, Brunei, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany and other dozens of countries and regions, product sales are hot, welcomed and sought after by domestic and foreign customers.

Gleamous products and technology have maintained rapid development. In 2005, Gleamous took the lead in formulating the "Standard Heat Water Heater Enterprise (Industry) Standard", and successively launched the "Dynamic Thermal Cycle" patented technology and "automatic intelligent". Thermostatic technology" rapid-heating electric water heater.

In 2010, the Gleamous technology upgrade, the introduction of "Gold solid heating rod" and "fourth generation dual-core superconducting heater", the fast-heating electric water heater GS3 became the designated special product of the World Expo, and more recently won the "China's rapid heating type The first brand of water heaters, "top ten electric water heater enterprises" and other honors.

Gleamous, to create the perfect bathing technology, let you enjoy a perfect life!

1987 year

Mr. Li Ling, the founder of the company, founded “Guangsheng Industrial Co., Ltd.”, specializing in the production and manufacture of electric small household appliances.

Guangsheng Industrial Opening Ceremony

Guangsheng Industrial Opening Ceremony

1999 year

Signed the American brand Gleamous.

Signed the American brand Gleamous.

Signed the American brand Gleamous.

2003 year

Constant temperature instant product launch.

Constant temperature instant product launch.

2005 year - 2006 year

Gleamous launched the first rapid-heat electric water heater, mechanical thermostatic valve, and vertical double liner.

The first rapid-heating electric water heater.

The first mechanical thermostatic valve.

The first vertical double liner.

2007 year

New product launch.

New product launch.

2010 year

The Gleamous GS3 entered the Shanghai World Expo Dream Hall and became the only product in the industry to enter the Expo.

The Gleamous products are stationed at the Dream Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo.

honor certificate.

honor certificate.

2011 year

In the Great Hall of the People, he was awarded the "China's first brand of rapid-heat electric water heaters", "China's outstanding brand management entrepreneurs" and "the most influential leader in China's water heater industry";

In the same year, Gleamous established the Australian branch GLEAMOUS A.U.S.

honor certificate.

honor certificate.

The Australian branch was established.

2012 year

Australia Gleamous became a sponsor of the London Olympics, signed a strategic agreement with Australia's largest hardware chain "BUNNINGS" "BETTA", and has opened up 600 sales outlets;

Glemos Australia Pty Ltd. Sydney Hot Water Systems was founded by Glemos in Australia (2012). We are rofessional research on hot water solutions for government agencies

Australian TV commercials.

Open outlets in Australia.

2014 year

Join hands with Jinan University, South China University of Technology, Medical University and other universities to conduct industry-university-research cooperation and launch the "APOLLO-1", a large health shower system.

In the same year, six practical patents were obtained on the instant and quick-heat water heaters.

New product release.

Join hands with universities to conduct industry-university-research cooperation.

2015 year

Guangzhou yike software development co., LTD., a subsidiary of grimes, was established. Professional research and development of water heater original ecological control system And the future of the new Internet era!

2016 year

It has been recognized by the state as a high-tech enterprise certified by the province and has become the first high-tech enterprise in the fast-heat industry.

In the same year, he was invited to become a strategic partner of the “Miss Asia” National Draft Competition.

In the same year, the industry's first smart water heater GZ1 was launched to enter the smart home.

Honor certificate


The industry's first smart water heater.

2017 year

It was rated as 315 National Product Quality Stable Enterprise by 2017 China Quality and Technical Supervision.

National product quality stable and qualified enterprises.

2018 year

Launched the Elms 1-0, a separate native system for Grims water heaters. Since then, it has self-protected intellectual property water heater core control technology. Under the protection of the original system, two new technologies: "active anti-dry" technology and "ECO super energy saving" heating technology.

Full promotion of the 20L series.

2019 year

Glemos improved lean productivity and achieved significant results, and become a Member of the third council of guangdong association of small and medium enterprises.

In the same year, Glemos became a member of guangdong software industry association.

In the same year, Glemos has been rated as "national qualified enterprise with stable product quality" by China quality and technical supervision for 3 consecutive years.

Full promotion of the 20L series.

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